“Nora” by Lovense – Play with Dr. K! Sex Toy Reviews for Adventurous Adults

Hey all! Here I’ll be reviewing the “Nora” by Lovense and their awesome app! This rabbit is incredible and the am impressed with the power behind this jack-rabbit on steriods! WOW!

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Disclaimer: *This is for educational and informational purposes only and is not designed to treat, diagnose, or otherwise provide medical advice in any way.

*In accordance with the FCC, I fully acknowledge that I am an influencer for this product, however, I will not support or endorse a product I have not personally used or feel, based on my own research and judgment, is a safe and credible product. I am not paid by them to endorse their product directly, however, I do earn a small commission on sales through my direct link with is used to fund The Submissive Next Door Podcast and Kipani.Life site.

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