Mission Statement

Dr. Tiffany “K.”’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of the whole-person. Often, sexuality is ignored or left out when are battling life’s ups and downs, and kink is largely discounted or misunderstood, often resulting in feelings of anxiety and shame. By taking a holistic approach to sexuality and pleasure through gaining a deeper understanding of alternative sexualities, we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

As a champion of sex-positivity and kink-awareness, Tiffany supports evidence-based research on sex and parituclarly kink and BDSM subcultures. These are often misunderstood and largely criticized by the mainstream population and through the continuation of scholarly research and authorship in this area, she hopes to help destigmatize the subcultures. 

Tiffany’s vision for her work and art is to create acceptance of kink and sexuality, and especially pleasure as a whole. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling and gratifying life and live free of prejudice and discrimination of their sexual interests or activities. Every person is worthy of care and compassion. 

Tiffany is working with local and national non-profits, as well as other creators and educators to research and produce education, outreach, and awareness of sexuality and civil issues plaguing the kink, power-exchange, and BDSM subcultures today. She is also working to create content that helps others to live a more full and pleasurable life by addressing concerns of the whole-person through holistic methodology. 

Join her on the journey to fight sex shame and discrimination by improving the mind, body, and spirit through pleasure activism!

Dr. Tiffany “K.”, Ed.D., CHSE, is an active contributing member of the following organizations