Intimacy Consulting and Coaching Practice

Dr. Tiffany Chan’s Intimacy Coaching and Consultation Practice

You were born unique. You deserve coaching that is too.

In a world filled with shame and stigma around sex and alternative relationships, not to mention the marginalized kink and BDSM subcultures, it can be easy to feel lost in the mix. As a proud member of the same communities I serve, I’m here to provide a safe and shame-free environment for those who seek guidance and support.

About the Practice

When we work together, you share your thoughts and concerns, and I share information and insights, we set goals, we listen, we laugh, we may even cry. It’s life-changing and freeing to be able to talk openly and honestly about sexuality. And more importantly, to get you the sex life you want! It’s about taking a proactive approach!

Based on the topics covered in the session, assignments are usually given to complete at home to help the client progress. Coaching is focused on the present and future, and meant to be short-term. Clients who are truly committed, reach their goals within the 3-month period. Some clients choose to continue past the 3-month period – they achieve their goals early on and then {like layers of an onion} delve deeper or work on other topics.

Holistic Sex & Intimacy coaching includes defining your vision, identifying barriers, uncovering limiting beliefs, and setting challenging, but achievable, goals to get you on the path to fulfillment of self, and your relationships. I hold space for you to discuss vulnerable topics in an open and empowering atmosphere. I will also hold you accountable for your action plans and help push you out of your comfort zone. I will ensure you are not settling for limited goals, help you eliminate negative self-talk, and instill a growth mindset as you calibrate your long (and short-term) goals against your core values.

Here are just some of the most common topics I address with clients:

  • Healing body shame and reversing negative self-talk (this has been a big part of my own personal journey!)
  • Techniques to stay in your body during sex
  • BDSM / Kink affirming
  • Kink & D/s practices for self-improvement & personal growth
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Guided Visualization
  • Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) Techniques
  • Navigating BDSM and Kink related lifestyles
  • Designing scenes to safely explore your kinks
  • Development of D/s rituals, practices, and communication
  • Alternative lifestyle / dynamic support
  • Healing through embodiment
  • Healing through art
  • Empowerment through writing
  • Improve your self-care and masturbation practice
  • Increase intimacy and better connect and communicate needs to yourself, or to a partner
  • Healing from kink shame
  • Adult industry stress
  • SW shame & stress
  • Polyam dynamics and communication
  • Improve your sense of self and empower your sensuality
  • Overcome sexual frustrations and setbacks
  • Guilt elimination
  • LGTBQA+ discovery, empowerment & support
  • Opening your relationship
  • Communication around consent and STD/HIV support
  • Learning new techniques
  • Increase pleasure and satisfaction

Empowerment coaching addresses the areas outside of your sexuality, but will often include elements of your sexuality as part of ensuring your whole self is nurtured. Typically, this works in a specific, structured format. First, you will work with me to define your vision identify barriers and limiting beliefs, and set challenging, but achievable, goals. I hold you accountable for your action plans and help push you out of your comfort zone. I will ensure you are not settling for limited goals, help you eliminate negative self-talk, and instill a growth mindset as you calibrate your long and short-term goals against your core values.

Some of the topics I cover with clients on include:

  • Developing goals and defining a vision for your success
  • Creating professional and personal action plans
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Achieving weight loss and/or fitness goals
  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one
  • Managing an important life or business transition
  • Co-parenting support
  • Articulating core values
  • Working toward financial independence
  • Obtaining work/life balance
  • Learning to communicate more succinctly and effectively
  • Fostering more powerful connections professionally and personally

I currently offer 4 options to meet your needs:

Kick Start: a 1-hour one-time session over the phone that gets you in alignment quickly. You share your concerns, and I provide my expertise, insight, and no less than three actionable steps to help you achieve your goal(s). You will leave this session with a solid game plan.

Bi-weekly Sessions (invoiced monthly or quarterly): Great for those who need accountability, planning, and direction, but are ready to hit the ground running and put in the work to achieve their goals! This package is great if you need to balance a busy schedule while maintaining momentum toward long-term success.

Weekly Sessions (invoiced monthly or quarterly): We meet 4 times per month and you make immediate progress toward your goals! I will hold you to strict accountability with weekly assignments to help you get where you need to go in no time!

Bucket of hours (invoiced once, sessions expire within 6 months): This is a great option for those with a tricky / unpredictable schedule, or who may have a strong work ethic and motivation to keep themselves accountable, but may need check-ins from time to time as issues, concerns, or needs arise.

At the end of each session, I send a debriefing email, covering the actions / steps we talked about and goals for the next session. I may assign homework, resources, activities, reading, or meditations to clients to deepen their experiences with the topics discussed in the session.

Coaching is focused on the present and future and is meant to be short-term. Clients who are truly committed, reach their goals within the 3-month period. Some clients choose to continue past the 3-month period – they achieve their goals early on and then (like layers of an onion) dive deeper or work on other topics. It is not uncommon for clients to check-in regularly with their life or business coach for years as milestones are reached and goals are charted.

Coaching and therapy can seem similar on the surface, but tackle different aspects of a person’s mental, emotional, and general well-being. Coaches and educators can not diagnose or treat any mental health disorder. Therapy typically explores the history of how a person got to the current place, or what happened in the past that can be the cause. Therapy is also usually regular, weekly, and long-term while coaching may vary widely from person to person.

To learn more about the differences between coaching and therapy to help you decide which is right for you, please see my blog post here.

Considering coaching is an important step to live your best, most sexually fulfilling, and pleasurable life. If you want to make a change and need guidance and support to make it happen, then coaching is likely you’re next step. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

However, coaching may not be right for everyone. I feel you will benefit from someone else’s expertise-whether a therapist, acupuncturist, OB/GYN, or another expert-I’ll make recommendations. My goal is to help you achieve yours.

What are your fees?

My fee is $75 per hour with discounted rates when you purchase a package of 3 sessions or more. This is regardless if you are purchasing sessions as a single, couple, or group.

Via phone or Zoom. Sessions are NOT recorded.

Below, you will find my initial contact form for empowerment coaching sessions. Please be sure you have carefully reviewed the overview page which covers the areas of coaching and consulting for which I work clients, as well as my packages and rates for individual and group sessions.

Once you are ready to begin sessions, your first step is completing the following initial intake form. This helps me get to know you, and determine if we are a good fit for coaching. If I feel my style of coaching does not meet your needs, I am able to refer you to one of my colleagues (ranging from coaches,  sex educators, therapists, psychologists, to counselors) for additional support.

After that, I’ll email you to schedule a quick call (typically via zoom) or phone to confirm the information provided and begin setting up your coaching experience with me. I’ll also send you a secured set of documents to sign (privacy policy, scope of practice, consent forms, and coaching contract) and an invoice for your chosen coaching package. Once returned, coaching sessions will begin.

*Please note that due to high demand, I typically book sessions 2-4 weeks in advance, but openings are sometimes available earlier.

Empowerment Coaching Contact Form

Needs Assessment

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions so that I may connect with you. I recognize this is a bit longer than the typical contact form; I value your time and this allows me to quickly and efficiently facilitate the coaching process. After you submit your form, I will reach out to you within 72 hours, except on holidays, which may take a bit longer.

My coaching and consulting practice is sex-positive, BDSM/kink, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, polyam, sex-worker, diverse size, neuro-divergent affirming, and trauma-aware.

Sessions are conducted online using a HIPAA-compliant video platform.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website is intended to be educational, but is not intended to diagnose or treat mental health disorders and is not a substitute for a relationship with a licensed mental health professional. 

Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.