Our Top 5 Luxury Sex Toys for Long Distance & Discreet (Public) Pleasure

Our Top 5 Luxury Sex Toys for Long-Distance & Discreet (Public) Pleasure

Long Distance Sex Tech – Toys to make those nights a little more interactive!

Those that have followed me know my background was in Ed Tech, and I fully admit to being a total nerd and tech junkie. My Dominant and I make quite the pair when we show up first in line at the Apple Store for the latest iPhone releases (yes, we are those people.) At least…that was pre-COVID.  

With that in mind, my Dominant and I are no strangers to a little discrete play (or play of any sort really). But, with his job requiring trips across the country from time to time, we must get creative with our playtime. We are both researchers through and through, and did our do diligence before dropping hundreds on a single toy. If it was going to cost as much as a utility bill, we wanted our money’s worth! Here are our top 5 pics for Long Distance, app-based Sex Toys! From both our perspectives!

Best overall play: Lovense – Lush 3

The Deets: The Lush is a long-time favorite by nearly everyone from the lawyer’s wife to the professional Porn Star that shops on Rodeo Drive. Lovense made their name as a long-distance sex toy manufacturer with a fantastic app that allows you to grant access to other users with the app, take control of their toy for set durations of time, connect to Cam sites (if that’s your thing), and even give VOICE control to a user (this is my favorite feature…feeling it buzz hard when my Dom does his Pirmal Growl is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!). The lush looks like a large pink tad-pole but delivers on quality and features. If you are new to remote-controlled sex toys and don’t want something too extreme in size or price-point, the Lush is a winner.


Best for Anal Play: We-Vibe – Ditto

The Deets: The Ditto is a vibrating butt plug, but feels more like a large playable finger (great for newbies!). I really like this one because it has stronger vibration than the majority of other butt plugs currently on the market, and for those new to getting-more-adventurous with booty play, this is a great starter plug. Ditto stimulates with gentle pressure and rumbly vibrations, and it can be controlled by the remote or the free We-Connect app.

Best for “hidden” play: We-Vibe – Moxie

The Deets: Similar to other app-based toys, We-Vibe also has its own app-based program to use with Moxie (We-connect). The Moxie is discreet and can be inserted right into your panties or underneath your clothing. I’ve used similar ones in the past and the worst was when it would move or shift. This little beauty stays in place with a magnetic clip! The vibration is quiet so it can be worn out and about (great for a date night out if you get a private booth perhaps?), to the grocery store, errands, or anywhere else! If you are a pleasure Dom, I highly recommend this toy for edge play! 

Another great one for Discreet Play: We-Vibe Jive

The Deets: Jive by We-Vibe is all about hidden pleasure. This toy gives you the freedom to add a bit more intense vibration to discreet pleasure. Jive uses the same app-base. Add a little adventure to your routine with the ultimate in discreet pleasure. Jive by We-Vibe™ is designed to be inserted and worn discreetly underneath your clothing. It is comfortable to wear while lying, sitting, standing or walking, and the rumbly vibrations can be controlled by you or your partner no matter where you are. 

Best for Him/Duel Play: Lovense Diamo Blue Tooth Cock Ring

The Deets: The Diamo by Lovense is such a fun toy, and if you haven’t been a lover of cock-rings in the past, this is a crowd pleazzzzer… literally! This can be worn in public under the clothes, giving your partner full control over your cock all day long! For a bratty sub like me, this is one of the most fun toys I’ve had the pleasure of using on my Dom! It’s quiet, and charges quick so it makes a killer kinky vacation toy too! Imagine this… you each have on a toy and give each other access to edge each other while out at dinner or while clubbing. The hardest part will be trying to not rip each other’s clothes off! And you probably thought everyone was just playing a good game of candy crush on their phones 😉 



*In accordance with the FCC, I fully acknowledge that I am an influencer for this product, however, I will not support or endorse a product I have not personally used or feel, based on my own research and judgment, is a safe and credible product. I am not paid by them to endorse their product directly, however, I do earn a small commission on sales through my direct link with is used to fund The Submissive Next Door Podcast and Kipani.Life site.

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