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The Submissive Next Door and Artistic Edge Magazine get support from excellent listeners and fans of all sorts! – This may be through a small monthly contribution through PatreonSubstack, podcast sponsorships, collaborating on courses & webinars, luxury adult product influencer partnerships, other social media influencer work, as well as other platforms that showcase Dr. K’s provocative and erotic performance art.

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Patreon and Substack have become fantastic platforms for supporters of the podcast, sex education articles, erotica, musings, as well as my provocative art showcasing behind the scene footage of how I create my work, video podcasts, and photography editing process, select projects, and more.

There are options to become a free subscriber on both platforms where you can get access to most articles and updates on projects, or for as little as $5 a month, you can get access to additional bonus content while supporting the intense amount of effort that goes into content creation across all platforms. Your contributions help me sustain content creation not just on the platform you are subscribed to, but across ALL platforms that showcase my work. Without this type of support, the show can’t go on! THANK YOU!

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Are you a brand or business looking to work with Tiffany? Please reach out if you want to collaborate to promote your product, class, brand, or business! Having come from working directly with presidents, CEOs, and VPs of marketing for global franchises, she brings expertise in lead generation on a global scale. She is available to help promote and design plans, challenges, giveaways, and marketing materials or as a consultant with your most pressing needs.

Here is just some of the way she can work with brands:
  • Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll + On-air podcast ads 
  • Social media shoutouts and mentions 
  • Sponsorship of events/conferences (Adult Industry, Sexuality, Non-Profit, Yoga, Holistic, Festival, etc.)
  • Giveaway and Challenge partnership/design
  • Co-branding for merch or education-related materials or handouts
  • Webinar, course, program instructional design for presentation format or full LMS course implementation
  • Content creation, guest & sponsored posts
  • Book & product reviews
  • Digital and media ads
  • Brand affiliate/ambassadorship/personal reviews and endorsements
  • Copywriting/Editing services on behalf of product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in trade publications
  • Live stream events on Instagram, YouTube Live, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, etc. 

Please fill out this form and then reach out to if you’re interested in podcast sponsorship, business consulting, etc.

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For stats on social media, please check out Dr. Tiffany K.’s digital Social Media Kit. For additional podcast stats and collaboration information, please email to request her complete press/media kit.

About Tiffany’s Background

Before entering the world of sexual education & advocacy, Dr. Tiffany “K.” Chan spent 17 years as a part-time fitness trainer, aerial yoga instructor. She received her Doctorate in Education with a concentration in leadership in 2019, and her Master’s in World Literature and minor in Creative Writing in 2013. She taught full-time English Lit. & creative writing as an adjunct professor at the undergrad & graduate level for a decade before moving into the world of educational technology,  developing learning management systems for universities and departments of education before moving into her role as director of educational technology for a global Fortune 500 corporation. 

In 2020, at the height of her corporate career, she gave up the world of corporate learning where she worked directly with founders, presidents, and CEOs of global franchises & higher education institutions to pursue the one passion that remained constant throughout her life: Teaching the empowerment of sexuality and pleasure.

She now works as an intimacy coach, & kink affirming holistic sexual educator, has obtained board certification as a clinical sexologist from the American Board of Sexology,  has published erotica & scholarly research in the fields of mythology, leadership, & feminism, continues to work as a freelance author for non-fiction sexual health articles, conducts scholarly research with The Alternative Sexual Health & Research Alliance (TASHRA), and has built a successful business as a social media influencer & podcast host. She is also an active coalition member of the National Council of Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS).

Tiffany enjoys working with sexual health and wellness businesses on advertising & promotions, collaborating with other artists & educators, & advocating for those with alternative lifestyles. Her background, combined with her life & business partner’s expertise in product development, content & business strategy, and the adult industry, makes them a dynamic duo & powerful team.

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  • Promotions/giveaways
  • Copy Writing

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  • Sex/kink-positive curriculum Development