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Support & Sponsorship Info 

Listener and Fan Support

The Submissive Next Door and More Than Sex Podcasts gets support from amazing listeners and fans of all sorts! – This may be through a small monthly contribution through Patreon, podcast sponsorships, courses & webinars, her empowerment & intimacy coaching practice, and luxury adult product influencer partnerships, Twitch, IG, and Tiktok Lives, as well as other platforms that showcase Dr. K’s provocative and erotic performance art. 

 Patreon has recently undergone a brand refresh and is now home to Dr. K’s personal Zine “Intellectual Intoxication”. To learn more about this special space for podcast supporters, check it out at . All members starting at the “Thank You!” tier ($3) get every episode early, bonus tracks, shout-outs, discounts on current and future lectures, courses, and sexuality/kink workshops. At “The Scholar” level ($5), you receive all the previous benefits, plus get access to the full Zine, “Intellectual Intoxication.”, This zine features personal writing, erotic poetry, and stories, as well as topics on tantra, sacred sexuality, embodiment and healing, and more. You also get an archive of all video podcast episodes including ones not on YouTube, special subscriber-only merch, and more! Episodes from Dr. K’s “Naughty Librarian” series will also only be found on Patreon! If you’d rather commit to one-time support, message us (DrK@Kipani.Life) for Paypal and Venmo info.


Podcast Corporate & Business Sponsorship

If you are in the market to team up with Dr. K to help promote your product, class, brand, or business, please let us know! Dr. K, having come from working directly with presidents, CEOs, and VPs of marketing for global franchisees brings with her expertise in lead generation on a global scale. She is available to help promote and design plans, challenges, giveaways, and marketing materials or act as a consultant with your most pressing needs.

Here is just some of the way she can work with brands:

  • Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll + On-air podcast ads
  • Social media shoutouts and mentions
  • Sponsorship of events/conferences (Adult Industry, Sexuality, Non-Profit, Yoga, Holistic, Festival, etc.)
  • Giveaway and Challenge partnership/design
  • Co-branding for merch or education-related materials or handouts
  • Webinar, course, program instructional design for presentation format or full LMS course implementation
  • Content creation, guest & sponsored posts
  • Book & product reviews
  • Digital and media ads
  • Brand affiliate/ambassadorship/personal reviews and endorsements
  • Copywriting/Editing services on behalf of product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in trade publications
  • Live stream events on Instagram, YouTube Live, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, etc. 

For more detailed information see Dr. K’s MEDIA KIT

Prior to entering the world of sexual education, Dr. K spent 17 years as a part-time fitness trainer and aerial yoga instructor. Since then, she has worked as an English Lit. and creative writing professor at the university level, as later found her way in educational technology development and digital product management where she worked directly with founders, presidents, and CEOs of global franchises and higher education institutions. She now works as an empowerment & intimacy coach, holistic sexual educator, fitness trainer, author, and influencer. She enjoys working with sexual health and wellness businesses on advertising & promotions, collaborating with other artists and educators, and advocating for those in alternative lifestyles. Her background combined with her Dominant in product development, content strategy, business development, and the adult industry makes them a dynamic duo and powerful asset to your business.

Please reach out at if you’re interested in podcast sponsorship, influencer partnership, consulting, etc. Below are a few of the companies Dr.K has partnered with: