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The New Topping Book

it was amazing


The New Bottoming Book

it was amazing


The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities

really liked it

I found the book to be very interesting and went into some great considerations. I didn’t find that it fantasized the idea of poly life, but provided a different perspective of it without telling people “this is the way” by any means. I …
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The Training

really liked it



Shibari/Aerial Silk/Suspension Resources

Shibari Art Gallery

Beautiful suspension work and photography by Hikari Kesho for some lovely inspiration.

Twisted Monk

Twisted Monk is a fantastic source for rope and how-to tutorials. Solid education and safety information. We love their ropes!

Eventbrite Shibari Webinars and Workshops

An ever-changing and updating list of online workshops and events for shibari and rope play.

What is Shibari?

Learn about the origin of Shibari and what makes it such a spiritual experience to both rigger and subject.

Aerial Silk Suspension Examples

These are videos that show the gorgeous use of Aerial silk and the beauty of acrobatics with suspension.

Impact Play Resources

This is a list of short articles by the Submissive’s Guide diving into considerations and techniques for various types of impact play.

The Duchy Shibari Tutorials

Great resource categorized by topic, difficulty, and style. One of the best resources we use regularly.

Shibari Tutorials by Pulse and Cocktails

Great channel on Youtube with lots of beautiful tutorials and design work for new and seasoned Shibari artists.

Getting Inverted – Custom Aerial Silks

My favorite silks! The blue and pink ombre silk you see in all my TikToks was made by these gorgeous people!

Dominant/Submissive Resources 

The Submissive Guide

The Submissive Guide is a community where submissive mentoring, self-taught training and BDSM exploration are in focus. We are dedicated to helping subs understand themselves and the service they wish to provide; from sexual to domestic, personal assistant to pain slut and everything in between.

The Basics of Negotiating a BDSM Scene

Great resource to learn how to negotiate a scene or new kink with your partner.

The Consent Checklist

Great overview of 8 point checklist of conditions which make it more likely that people will be in consent: that they’ll feel free, safe, and able enough to tune into themselves and to communicate openly with others about their needs and limits, their wants and boundaries.

Dominant Intro

This is an overview of what typically it means to be a Dominant, considerations, and how to build a structure for yourself and your dynamic.

Intro to Rules and Orders

This is a nice, concise overview of developing rules, orders, commands, and expectations between Dom and sub.

Safety in BDSM: Understanding SSC, RACK, and PRICK

As much fun as BDSM can be — in or out of a D/s relationship — it’s also inherently risky. We fuck with each other’s minds and bodies in ways that take us to the edge of our limits and our physical and mental comfort. Thinking about safety as a kinkster is extremely important.

General BDSM & Sex Information

An extensive list of BDSM essays written by professional Masters and Mistresses on every subject within the realm of BDSM.

Patterns of Relationships

This typology was devised by Carmen Lynch, M.F.C.C., a couples and family therapist in private practice on the Peninsula south of San Francisco. Victor Daniels, Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University took notes on a talk in which she described it, added two categories and a few additional ideas, and wrote it down in the form in which it is presented here.

Communities & Virtual Events


Fetlife is both a great and a terrible resource. I’m listing this resource with a heavy caution… there are fake Doms and subs everywhere and will likely end up with unsolicited dick pics. Having said that, many of us in the community are here and you can find some wonderful, friendly, educated communities that are fantastic and get to know others in the lifestyle. You are welcome to friend me @aerialgoddess

The Sanctuary – BDSM Dungeon and Online Events/Workshops located in Los Angeles, CA

This dungeon is run by an amazing group of people! Sir Ezra is top-notch and the crew are amazing professionals. Highly respected in the world of Fetish and BDSM and I personally endorse them as one of the best resources and dungeons around.

Kink & BDSM Workshops hosted by

A great little list of regular live workshops for those new and seasoned kinksters in the BDSM lifestyles

Kink/Fetish Information

Watersports 101

Golden showers: Everything you ever wanted to know about pee play and Omarashi fetish.

Sexological Resources

Health, Education & Advocacy Resources

Great information and resources regarding health and advocacy in the lifestyle.

Other Epic Sexuality Podcasts