Writing & Editing Services

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Need an editor to whip your project into shape? Or a writer to captivate the senses and push the boundaries of your audience? Let Dr. K go to work. 


What will I do?

I work closely with you to bring your vision to life through the written word! As a kink-aware sexuality professional, published erotica author, and academic, I bring with me a unique set of eclectic experiences that sets me apart from other editors.

From my professional life, I bring with me over 15 years of published writing experience ranging from erotica, novels, ghostwriting, journalism, public speaking, copywriting and editing, global digital marketing, case studies, peer-reviewed research articles, and more. I’m also a Professor in the Humanities and English fields. Some of my favorite classes I’ve taught at the undergraduate level are been (and continue to be!) Creative Writing, World Literature, British & American Literature from 1900 – present, Public Speaking, and Poetry. My Erotica Writer’s Masterclass continues to be one of the highest-rated courses on Skillshare 4 years running, and I continue publishing my work with Cobblestone Press, as well as self-publishing. 

Now that you have a little idea about my background, let’s talk about how I work with clients:

Once I receive a manuscript from the author, I will go over it carefully, then once more to make sure my edits are thorough, clear, and include additional feedback or clarifying questions using track-changes and comments within MS Word. I then send it back to the author. Depending on the scope of the project, edits will consist of specific elements based on the type of edit (these are discussed further bellow).

A note on pricing: Pricing for The Quickie and The Pleasure Dom packages varies based on the amount of work needed. Rates start at $0.015 per word (Example: $750 for a 50,000 word manuscript), with a minimum charge of $75 for short projects.

This price includes a single round of editing.

Additionally, I am happy to answer questions or clarify my edits after the fact, but additional reading, critique, editing, brainstorming, consulting, or other feedback will be subject to my normal rates. Some clients will often choose to purchase a “bucket” of hours at a discounted rate with me for ongoing projects, or to retain me as a regular editor for blog posts, articles, marketing campaigns, and social media assets. Depending on the project, I often work with one or two other trusted editors to ensure deadlines are met without compromising quality. You are welcome to contact me for a custom quote, a sample edit, or to book a spot.

I am always open to working out payment plans if the cost of editing is prohibitive for you (I understand the difficulties faced by emerging writers). 

Types of Edits:

The Quickie Edit

Do you wish to have the eyes of a temptress prowl and gaze over your form from top to bottom, but The Pleasure Dom is a little out of reach? Let the Doctor of Temptation give you a fast and hard quickie. This service is for a developmental edit that will point out issues with plot pacing, character development, narrative strategy, missing or bland emotional cues, and sexual tension. This edit will not address any line-level issues like word usage, grammar, punctuation, tenses, typos, etc.

The Pleasure Dom Edit

A Pleasure Dom Edit handles everything from an in-depth line edit to address sweet romance, sinful erotica, and intensely perverse smut. At this level, you–er, I mean your writing– will be flogged, banged, and molded into perfect submission. My goal as an editor and mentor is to help you use language colorfully, creatively, and without shame, to best tell the story you want to tell, in your own style and voice. If you don’t come away from a Pleasure Dom Edit with new ideas and tools to improve your future endeavors, I haven’t done my job.

Some of the aspects I’ll address are

  • Use of language
  • Sexual tension
  • Emotional development
  • Word choice and repetition
  • Consent within the story
  • Plot and character development through sex scenes or leading up to/after any implied or closed-door scenes
  • Grammar
  • Continuity
  • Sentence structure and flow
  • Tenses
  • Characterization
  • Use of cliches or stereotypes
  • Post-writing needs (blurbs, summaries, cover art, and design)


Sex Scene Doctor

If you’re looking for feedback on a steamy sex scene or two rather than full editing for your entire manuscript, allow the Good Doctor to do her diagnostic delights. You still get the Pleasure Dom treatment, just in a bite-size portion.

Sex Scene Doctor services will be a flat rate based on the length/number of scenes and start at $100. Contact me with a brief overview of your needs for a custom quote.


Bend over babe…we aren’t done yet…

Oops, sorry. I meant one final lick of the red pen! My proofreading services will micro-analyze your manuscript to correct typos, make sure every comma is correctly placed, point out inconsistencies in word usage or formatting, nix those dangling modifiers, and more. Note: This service should only be done after you are satisfied with your final edits. While I always have my eyes open for these types of errors during the editing stage, some will still slip through the cracks, and others may be introduced when an author is implementing my or another editor’s suggested changes. 

I do offer a discount package for editing and proofreading of 20%. (Please note that if I proofread your project after I’ve edited it for you, the proofreading is just that. It is not a second pass of editing.)

Proofreading starts at $0.009 per word ($450 for a 50,000 word manuscript, for example). Contact me for a custom quote based on a sample.


Sometimes, you just need feedback. Similar to a beta reader, I’ll be reviewing your work as a critical reviewer, jotting down my thoughts and feelings as I read your work and provide a full-length review. My reviews will address everything normally addressed in a Pleasure Dom edit, but in a 1-2 page review rather than in-line edits. I’ll give suggestions and recommendations, should there be any need, and provide a discount on any future edit services you may need (since I will already be familiar with your work, this helps to speed up the initial process of review before edits begin.)

Please contact me with a sample and estimated length of the document you wish to be critiqued for a price quote. 

Digital and Print Creative Design

Often if you submit your manuscript for publication through an e-publisher or print publisher, they will have an in-house team of designers create cover art with your feedback. However, if you choose to self-publish, you may be in need of hiring a cover art designer. Digital art and photography have long been a passion of mine and my work is displayed on my website, social media platforms, as well as other larger wall installations. I will work with you to design a scorchingly seductive and eye-catching cover based on your needs. 

My creative design rates start at $75 per hour with a 1 hour minimum for cover art. If you are in need of special web elements for your WordPress website or blog, please email me with a brief overview and I’ll create a custom package based on your needs. 

Dr. K – Consulting, Editing, and Narration Services Rate Chart

Service Rate Per Hour

Rate Per Word**

Pace of Work**  


$75/hr (sliding scale available)   4–6 pages/hr  
  Copyediting, fiction $36–$40/hr $.015–$.029/wd 7–10 pages/hr  
  Copyediting, nonfiction $41–$45/hr $.03–$.039/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
  Copyediting, business/sales $46–$50/hr $.04–$.049/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT $51–$60/hr   4–6 pages/hr  
DESIGN/LAYOUT/FORMATTING (for print or digital)
  Design/layout/formatting (print) $50 – $75/hr  

4–6 pages or digital elements


  Design/layout/formatting (electronic) $50 – $75/hr  

7–10 pages or digital elements


  Developmental editing, fiction $46–$50/hr $.03–$.039/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
  Developmental editing, nonfiction $51–$60/hr $.04–$.049/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
  Developmental editing, business/sales $51–$60/hr $.07–$.079/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
INDEXING $36–$40/hr $.02–$.029/wd 7–10 pages/hr  
LINE EDITING $46–$50/hr $.04–$.049/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
MARKETING/PROMOTION $51–$60/hr $.08–$.089/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
PERMISSIONS $46–$50/hr $.04–$.049/wd 21–25 pages/hr  
PROJECT MANAGEMENT $51–$60/hr $.04–$.049/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
  Proofreading, fiction $31–$35/hr $.02–$.029/wd 11–15 pages/hr  
  Proofreading, nonfiction $36–$40/hr $.02–$.029/wd 7–10 pages/hr  
  Proofreading, business/sales/marketing $41–$45/hr $.04–$.049/wd 7–10 pages/hr  
  Proofreading, medical/STEM $41–$45/hr $.03–$.039/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
RESEARCH/FACT CHECKING $46–$50/hr $.05–$.059/wd 4–6 pages/hr  
SENSITIVITY READS $31–$35/hr $.01–$.019/wd 11–15 pages/hr  


on project

  Writing (work-for-hire only), ghostwriting full-length fiction $70+ $.09–$.10/wd 1–3 pages/hr  
  Writing (work-for-hire only), ghostwriting full-length nonfiction $70+ $.11–$.15/wd 1–3 pages/hr  
  Writing (work-for-hire only), business/sales 70+ $.16–$.20/wd 1–3 pages/hr  
  Writing (work-for-hire only), journalism $70+ $.31–$.50/wd 1–3 pages/hr  
  Writing (work-for-hire only), other $70+ $.21–$.30/wd 1–3 pages/hr  
OTHER (based on write-in response) $70+ $.05–$.059/wd 4–6 pages/hr  

**Per-word rates and pages per hour may or may not apply to all projects.