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Any Sailor Moon fans in the house?

Ok, this toy is not only ADORABLE but extremely high quality. Everything from the speed, silicone, to the patterns feels pure luxury while being an adorable Sailor Moon wand replica!

I highly recommend checking out this wand for yourself, even if you aren’t a fan of Sailor Moon. Personally, I love the fact its has a cute witchy vibe to it (pun intended) and a strong motor that can last for hours! It’s worth the luxury toy price and the 5 year warranty is the icing on the cake!

Get yours before they sell out!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Geeky Sex Toys, however, I will ONLY work with companies that I have personally vetted and I feel resonate with me. This is one of those companies. Any purchases made using my affiliate link help to support my art and work without costing you anything extra! 

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