Do You Need Support to Launch a Successful Sex-Positive Business?

There are several platforms out there that offer artists space to flex their creative minds. Depending on the type of art you do, one platform may work better than another, or you may need multiple platforms to create multiple channels for your business.

Many platforms, like Patreon, Deviant Art, and Only Fans are membership and subscription-based platforms where the creators connect directly with their fans and followers who want to support their art and creative efforts. Patreon is an excellent tool for a consistent revenue stream and audience engagement, yet many writers, artists, podcasters, educators, and influencers find the process of launching and growing a subscription-based business to be intimidating. 

Tiffany works with creators individually to develop a business success plan that centers on their unique strengths, desires, needs, and knowledge by outlining achievable actionable strategies. She teaches social media marketing strategies, personal branding, how to navigate community guidelines, how to keep your content from being used unethically, preventing copyright infringement, and using cease and desist requests if your content is copied. She shares tips, hacks, teaches how to avoid common pitfalls, how to use a subscription-based model to create a community, and utilize multiple streams of residual income strategies to maintain a sustainable creative career.

About Tiffany’s Business:

Tiffany launched a Patreon in 2020, but after feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and intimidated, she quickly set it aside. In 2021, she launched her Kink-Affirming Intimacy Practice, Blog, and began incorporating the business and marketing practices learned through her time working with fortune 500 corporations. She began freelance writing, content creation, secured brand deals, and added influencer work to her business. She now runs multiple subscription-based businesses that include multiple avenues of residual and passive income, has a thriving social media business with close to 1 million followers across all her platforms, and her podcast, The Submissive Next Door, became one of the top sexuality and relationship podcasts globally. Tiffany has been able to secure partnerships with multiple sexual health and pleasure brands, has been published in several academic journals, publishes erotica regularly, and her art has generated a sustainable income for herself and her family. Since July of 2022, her Patreon specifically has continued to evolve in ways that support her work both on the platform, as well as on other platforms.

Business Services for Erotic Creators

Options to fit your needs


Do you have a spark of an idea, but no clue how to fan the flame? Or, maybe you have a business, but need to take it to the next level? Stand back… we are about to turn that spark of passion into a full-blown explosion!

The expertise I have you won’t find from your traditional consultant or business coach. Outside of building my own sustainable sex-positive businesses and podcasts, I’ve charted the course with countless others with a WIDE range of businesses. Most notably, I have completed contract projects such development of full-scale digital learning systems for non-profits, strategized and executed global product launches, completed university and corporate LMS implementations, produced and delivered training to global Fortune 500 companies with 10,000+ employees and over 100,000 daily platform users.

How does that pertain to the erotic field?

99% of the tools and strategies that worked for Fortune 500s WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO. Its worked for the top erotic and sex-positive podcasters, models, photographers, animators, sex toy brands, and more!

How do I know?

Because it worked for me. I left a corporate job with a corner office in Santa Monica overlooking the Pacific ocean to build my own business of passion and sex-positivity. I saw injustice in the company I was working for and how they treated my own LGTBQ community and I refused to sit back any longer.

After working 70+ hour weeks for a company that was willing to let go of people for being gay or bisexual, I quit in response and stood in unison with my community. If my company couldn’t respect my work because of my sexuality, why should I put in the effort for them anymore? I was done hiding who I was, and I was on a mission to bring to the world my own version of pleasure and sexuality-activism. I learned a lot while building my career and knew I could do the same for myself. And I did.

Within 3 years, I was able to build a sustainable business that not only matched my salary of Director of Educational Technology of a global Fortune 500, but SURPASS it. I was able to buy a house, a Tesla, put food on the table, and provide for my three kids while still affording vacations and weekend adventures. I can’t promise you will make 200k+ in your first year, but I can teach you the tools that I (and countless others) have used to generate that level and higher for themselves.

I will teach you how to:

  • Implement business and social media strategies
  • What is worth investing in and what isn’t
  • How to keep ahead of the curve with community guidelines
  • What to do if your content is taken and used inappropriately
  • How to write a cease and desist
  • Create compelling content that TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter will push, and so much more!
  • Need help with podcast production? I can teach you everything about the Blue Yeti Mic vs. the Rode NT1 and why the different matters
  • How to find soundbytes
  • The difference between producing on iMovies, Resolve, Audacity, and Studio 1.
  • How to repurpose your content so you only have to record for 1 platform, but share something different on 4 others to keep your audience wanting more.
  • Need to know how to write a pitch for brand deals? I got you!

90% of what I do today is technology-based content. I love to play and learn. I reached the point where my own income is stable so I can take time off to experiment with tools to see what works and what doesn’t without jeopardizing what I’ve already built. I know not everyone has the ability to do that and I want to help them.

Why would I want to help?

You mean, Why not gate-keep?

Because it didn’t feel very good to have knowledge kept from me just because I would have been seen as competition. There is enough of the pie to go around for everyone because everyone has something unique to bring to the table! I prefer to straighten the crown of the person in front of me, not take over the lime light because I’d want someone to do that for me.

I live by one guiding principle: If you are willing to seek out knowledge and help yourself, you should be able to find it. I don’t know everything by a long shot, but I’m willing to help you the way I wish someone had helped me at the start. I’m here for you.

About Tiffany:

Tiffany is a multi-faceted artist, creator, and coach who teaches workshops and trainings on kink, sexuality, art, writing, and business strategy. She has taught thousands how to build a business online, has worked with tens of thousands of students during her time as a creative writing professor teaching the basics of writing skills from business plans to publishing a novel, and continues to conduct research with TASHRA (The Alternative Sexuality Health Research Alliance). She is a listed kink-heath professional and coalition partner with The National Coalition of Sexual Freedom, is an active published member of The Romance Writers of America, and continues collaborating with other sex educators to create workshops and training. She is also the co-captain of the Erotic Creator’s A. Club of Patreon.

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