I normally don’t have quite this reaction, but wow this toy is cool. lol.

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It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted a sex toy review!

I spent roughly 4 days doing a total declutter of my closet and reorganization of everything in my room over the weekend and realized I have around 300 toys I have collected with another 6 in the mail that have not been reviewed. So, I’ve scheduled time to start doing a weekly review and /or unboxing to share the latest and greatest with you all! 

Now, I will fully admit that self-care items, in general, are fantastic… but I LOVE the ones that also make me laugh, or are so different and unique I can’t help but want to talk about them! This is one of those items that is so geeky, I NEED to chat about it! If you want your own, you can get yours here.  

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Geeky Sex Toys, however, I will ONLY work with companies that I have personally vetted and I feel resonate with me. This is one of those companies. Any purchases made using my affiliate link help to support my art and work without costing you anything extra! 

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