The Down & Dirty: Money Shots

A candid commentary.

What are your thoughts on a good cumshot? And yes, I am really asking that. 

Let’s get personal… I love a good cumshot (I have my preferred places in which said cumshot hits, but we will get to that later). The reason I ask is because lately, there seems to be something in the air, and I’ve had more in-person conversations about sex and porn than I have in a long time. 

Granted, in my professional life as a sexologist and kink educator, I have these conversations with clients frequently. But, in those conversations, it’s geared to helping people feel more comfortable with themselves and embrace their sexuality so they can have a greater sense of pleasure in their lives and with their partner(s). It’s educating and holding space for them to talk and for me to listen while offering resources and perspectives. 

In other words, it’s not the same as the down-and-dirty conversation you have with your best friend about a recent three-way you had. 

And frankly, I’ve missed writing (and talking) about sex in the same way. I’ve spent decades as a researcher and publishing case studies to the point of pure burnout. Honestly, I just need some juicy, filthy conversations with friends sometimes. 

And maybe the universe sensed it, too. 

Lately, the conversations and situations I’ve found myself in have sparked that desire to get back to writing about sex for FUN and not just the academics of it. I want to let the raw and often hidden sides of it come out. 

And you know what? After my recent experiences, the combination of excitement, pleasure, and collective relief that comes from those down-and-dirty, raw, and real conversations is the bliss I didn’t know I needed. 

Which brings me back to the topic at hand: cumshots. 

My partner and I have been lucky enough to get to know a group of other regulars while chilling at our favorite hangout. Over time, the typical questions tend to come up, and the one that I always get a little nervous about is “What do you do?”

Depending on how well I’ve gotten to know someone and the vibe of the conversation, I may sugarcoat things with, “I’m a relationship coach and freelance writer.” Not a lie, but not exactly going into the details of being a Sexologist with some specialties in kink, BDSM, and creating spicy content. 

Over several months of casual conversations and great food, we’ve gotten to know this group pretty well. So, when the question was asked, I was honest and said, “I’m a sexologist and kink educator.”

I braced for one of two outcomes I typically see… I either get a mountain of questions about what that means, and it turns into a full-on private education session about alternative relationships and the elements of D/s and power-exchange dynamics, or everyone opening up and dishing about all our kinks and sexcapades. 

To my very pleasant surprise, it was the latter, and the conversations that ensued were exactly the juicy gab-fest we needed.

I’ve always felt that if you can talk openly, without shame, about sex and kinks, the friendship built around that level of honesty and acceptance is unparalleled. 

As the night went on, I was thrilled when the conversation, very organically, turned to one of my favorite subjects: porn (I’m rarely the one that brings it up, but when it comes up, I am as giddy as the first time I got a vibrator). 

Why? I am a massive nerd when it comes to sex statistics, and the topic of porn tends to lead not only Rule 34, but the delicious stats that a certain hub puts out each year that includes every possible sextistic about watching porn you can imagine. 

It was at this point I realized my preferences are either outside the norm or the idea that a woman likes to see a guy jerk off and end in a massive load on her is still a taboo idea. 

But, the more I dug around the interwebs, the more it became clear that I was not alone in enjoying a solid glazing of the body of an eager participant. 

Now, I know it’s not nearly as uncommon as the general population might believe (as most kinks tend to be). But, it certainly isn’t talked about as much, and I’d like to give a little spotlight to the money shot. 

According to Porn Hub’s 2023 stats, the “Solo Male” category was up 85% with women to the previous year. Clearly, the desire for nut videos is growing.

So what is it about a cumshot?

Well, for me, orgasms are sexy. The juicier, the better. 

And dicks have the ability to swell to steel-like cum-shooting canons. What can I say… it just gets me going. And, hearing that primal growl mixed with a lust-filled O face is just hot. 

Now, when I’m talking about porn, my personal preference isn’t just a compilation video of one shot after another (if we are talking about a good squirting compilation or body-shaking female orgasms, that’s a whole different situation… rack ‘em up!). 

But frankly, when it comes to solo cumshots or a sexy needy nymph getting painted with ropes of cum, I’m a bit more particular. 

I need to hear a guy talk dirty while he jerks it or while he’s fucking. I need to see the intensity grow and hear the breathing get hot and needy. Hearing a guy slipping in and out of a wet pussy, or yes, the fapping of his solo strokes, is a turn-on (at least for me… and clearly several hundred thousand others on the subreddit, AudioGoneWild.) 

Now, mind you, I’m talking strictly as a spectator of the visual artistry that is the cumshot here. 

I do love to get painted myself, but when it comes to my own personal preferences for how my partner finishes on me, I’m pretty set on how I like it.

The truth is, it’s my favorite part of a good fuck after I’ve come several times myself. I feel appreciated and frankly, like a goddess getting a glorious tribute.  

So, let’s talk about the many ways to shoot the money shot:

Glaze That Ass

Let’s face it… there is just something so sexy about a woman’s backside. She can tease the cock just a little, wiggle the hips, and it gives a guy the grip to really pound into that pussy with abandon. It’s just spectacular.

For some of us who are a bit anal-shy or not quite ready to take it up the ass, it can still give the visual of having that perfect peach front and center. 

I’d say my ass is my 2nd favorite place for my partner to shoot his load. He enjoys the face-down, ass-up position the most, and I love to hear him call me his naughty little darling. 

Now, I fully admit I have a very difficult time reaching the big O in this position. But, by the time I’m face down on the mattress, I’ve already been spent several times over, and I know I’m about to get painted with come from my shoulders to my ass. 

However, if another orgasm is on the table for this position, it’s time to break out a small vibe to bring it home. The wand is far too big to really lay on or hold up comfortably without the help of a liberator, but thankfully, there are some great options for toy play in this position. 

Paint the Tits

This is a fantastic position, but it can be a little precarious if the load takes a detour to the face or hair (hey, it happens more often than you think.) 

Tits are delicious, sexy, and there’s nothing like seeing hard nipples that you just want to pinch and nibble on. Covering them in gooey goodness just seems like the best way to appreciate them after a fuck-filled evening (or day). 

Plus, I personally love getting a front-row view of my partner’s dripping cock while he strokes it and looks down at me with primal need.  It also gives me a chance to lick and tease it a bit with a playful look in my eyes before he finishes. 

Even in porn, it’s one of my personal favorite styles. A nice POV, but with the camera facing up at a raging cock while he strokes. It lets me get right in the action, so to speak. 

Jerk or Vibe

This one may come as a surprise (see what I did there? ha!), but I’m a big fan of seeing a guy use toys, or my partner allowing me to use toys on him. Some of the best solo guy porn I’ve seen is of a guy strapping a wand to his thigh so it rubs right up on the head of dick with his hands bound behind his back (bondage tape works great for this)

Maybe strapping a wand to guy’s leg and watching him thrust against it until he hits the big O in his seat isn’t for everyone, but hey… I told you we were going to get personal. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Watching a guy stroke himself, or even another set of hands stroke him, can be just as hot. 

It’s not fun to just see the shot, but the build is just as satisfying. The slow strokes at first, beads of wetness dripping down as he get closer and closer, the rhythm getting more frenzied as those sweet words “oh fuck…” escape his lips laced with heat and desire. 

Is anyone else horny, or is it just me? 

There are of course, other toys out there that are guaranteed to turn a guy into a super soaker, but my favorites are the ones that let you actually see shot. 

Cock rings, wands, vibes, and hands to be exact. 

Pocket pussies and masturbators are all great, but if the goal is to get a front-row seat to a gushing fountain of glorious come, those simply don’t do the trick. 


Ok, so facials are one of those things that I know are a huge fantasy to many guys (including my partner). But, it’s one of those things that is a turn-on for me to watch, but not necessarily for me to do. I know… it’s disappointing to me too. 

Have I done it? Yes, a few times (most of them were entirely accidental while he was aiming at my tits… hence my earlier comment). While I REALLY want to love it, there’s just something about getting come up my nose or in my eyes that really dampens the mood (and not my pussy). 

Having said that, I can absolutely see the appeal of unloading ropes of come all over an eager face. What can I say… it’s just plain hot! 

For some guys, there is also the appeal of seeing her makeup get smudged, mouth open, and waiting like the best good girl in the world. That’s the money shot. 

Then you have the full-on bukkake experience, which, as much as I have a serious fantasy being right in the center of, if given a chance, I’d politely turn it down. 

In theory, it’s hot as hell to have that many guys tribute your pretty face all at once (who am I kidding… the thought is enough to make me a horny little puddle), but in practice, I’m wondering if a snorkel mask is in order. 

And sadly, snorkel masks are not a turn-on for me. 

Cream the Pussy

Not going to lie… this is it. The shot of all shots. 

Pussy is beautiful. A well fucked, licked, and pleasured pussy? Chefs kiss. 

Swollen, dripping, and begging to be glazed again and again in delicious icing. 

In porn, in practice, it is simply top shelf for cumshots. 

Obviously, this is also the money shot with a lot of risk to it. 

Now, I’m a big fan of the edgier stuff out there, but I have my limits. I’ll never yuck someone’s yum. Who am I to judge? And there’s something oh so satisfying about riling my man up, and giving him so pleasure he can’t take it anymore. It makes me feel powerful and sexy all at once. It feels like something you aren’t supposed to do, which makes it even hotter.

And in porn, to see her spread it over her clit or for him to go down on her and drink it right up out of her…. You might as well peel me off the ceiling. 

But it comes with a lot of risk and is something that obviously can’t be undertaken lightly. Even with all the precautions and safety measures, there’s always a chance of a slip-up. 

Thankfully, there is always hentai. 

Soak the Belly

This brings me to my go-to. Chances are, by the time my partner and I get to this point, we have already fucked in several other positions, I’m spent, and he has my legs over his shoulders and me bent in half while he pounds me into the mattress. 

There is simply nothing hotter to me than the dirty talk and devilish look he gives me just before he comes as he pulls out, and I’m able to watch him cover my belly in puddles as the warmth drips down my sides like icing on a cake. 

And if I’m watching m/f  porn, this is the optimal way I like to see it finish. It’s just satisfying to see from any angle, and damn it, I do love to see a guy simply hit that frenzied thrust before pulling out and covering her from neck to thigh. Pure artistry. 

Final Thoughts

At this point, I’d like to hope you are either turned on, have learned something, or have given you some ideas. 

Coming is hot. Period. Regardless if it’s a ridged dick or well fucked pussy. 

Getting covered in come is just simply the best and one of my personal top-tier kinks. But, with as many ways as there are to go about it, I, like most people, have their preferences, and some are better than others, while some are best only at the right times. 

If I’m with my partner, I want him to paint my body however possible. If I’m watching someone else get fucked, I’m hoping it’s covering her tits, and if a guy is solo, I’m really hoping he’s using a vibrator and shooting that shot across the damn room. 

Quit simply, the money shot is fucking hot. 

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