Dr. Tiffany Chan

Host, Alt. Model, Influencer & so much more

As a self-proclaimed “corporate runaway”, Dr. Tiffany “K.” Chan (also known as Kipani or Dr. K on her podcast) is a Board-Certified Sexologist, Certified Holistic Sex Educator, and content creator with vast skills from modeling, photography, videography, writing, and audio production. She has been published scholarly in several academic journals, as well as an erotica author and freelance writer in the field of sexual health and sex tech. Her podcast is also listed as a top 10 in the area of sexuality globally on Apple and Spotify.

How Holistic Sexuality found her…

While a respected scholar, Dr. TIffany Chan is also a passionate artist and published author in fiction and non-fiction writing in both textbooks and scholarly journals. However, her deepest passion remained in the field of sexuality.

Amidst a world where shame and stigma surrounded women’s sexual interests, and even condemned them for being outside the mainstream, she hid her passions away for most of her adult life. Her journey of self-discovery sparked a realization that sexuality was as much a part of her being as her own identity. Her skills and background in education, health & fitness, as well as writing made for a unique foundation to begin building a home for others who wish to look at sexuality through a more holistic lens. Her reputation as a scholar and integrity to truth, justice, and the right to learn drives her passion today to continue holding space for others who seek a comforting and non-judgmental way to learn, grow, and thrive within their being. Coupled with a yearning for artistic expression, this creates a dynamic teaching environment that engages and relates to her clients through eloquence, class, and sensuality.

Lets talk about media

As an artist, Tiffany is known best for her high-contrast and eye-catching photography work, in addition to her provocative sketch work. With a keen attention to detail, her videography skills create viral TikToks and reels that generate stellar engagement rates in the categories of cosplay, makeup, travel, and book reviews. As a writer, her work has been featured academically in several peer-reviewed scholarly journals for her research and case study skills, and her non-fiction work continues to be seen in magazines that put pleasure and sexual wellness on center stage. She is also a published erotica author, host, producer, and voice production editor on podcasts, with regular appearances as a guest on several other sexual health podcasts. She hosts one of the top podcasts in the field of sexuality, The Submissive Next Door Podcast, and her newly launched More Than Sex Podcast.

While content creation takes the majority of her time, Tiffany also manages her private intimacy consultation practice. With a doctorate in education, masters in English Literature, board certification in clinical sexology, and certification in holistic sex education, she firmly believes that every human deserves space to live authentically without shame. She continues to serve as a researcher on kink and BDSM dynamics through TASHRA (The Alternative Sexuality Health and Research Alliance), is a proud coalition sponsor for NCSF (The National Coalition of Sexual Freedom), and member of SSSS (The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality).

What Makes Her Unique

Dr. Tiffany Chan is known for bringing a sense of acceptance and understanding to her topics with a fresh perspective as someone who is not only a proud feminist but who is intimately familiar with alternative lifestyles and a proud member of the Kink community herself for well over a decade. As a pansexual, she also integrates LGBTQ insights with cultural understanding. As a parent, she also understands the stigma around being true to yourself while maintaining a family and professional life. She is the author of Pirates, Sex & The Sea (Pen name Jillian Brooks)Dark Heat, and the best selling Erotica Writing Masterclass on Skillshare (a new updated version out now on Patreon and Gumroad). She has also contributed her subject matter expertise in numerous articles, columns, works of fiction, and textbooks. You can read more about her written work under News & Press.

When she’s not writing, traveling, researching, or teaching, she’s creating enchantingly provocative art projects and performances. If you wish to help contribute to her projects by becoming a supporter (from buying her a cup of coffee to one-time or monthly donations through a subscription) Please check out Support & Sponsorship. 

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