Instagram Growth for Erotic and Sex-Positive Creators

If you are a content creator or aspiring influencer on Instagram, you have likely come across a vast array of challenges, courses, groups, and more that promise to help the “average” content creator reach thousands of followers in 30 days, or build your Instagram into a sustainable business for the aspiring travel or fashion influencer. I know because I’ve spent close to 8k on courses, programs, coaches, boot camps, guides, books, workshops, and more that promise to help me achieve just that between 2013 and 2017. It was all a side hustle back then and I was trying to find a way to grow as a content creator outside the realm of the erotic (I was very repressed back then).

Flash forward to 2017 when I took on the position of Director of Educational Technology for a global Fortune 500. I worked closely with the VP of Marketing and the Creative Directors to promote the tech products I was developing and learned more in the years I spent there than I ever did before. I also learned how to mold the same strategies based on the type of content and niche I wanted to dedicate my energy and passion to building.

In 2020, I chose to leave the corporate world and begin my own business that fulfilled my passions while living authentically. I applied the same strategies I learned from the corporate world, but I put my own spin on them to help them fit my field: sexology, podcasting, and content creation. It took some fumbles and reassessment over the first year but I FINALLY cracked the code.

In 2022 I hit my goal of 6-figures through my pay-wall content and I was officially making more in a sex-positive field than I did in the corporate sector.

And guess what? I’ve continued to maintain that number (some months better than others, but averaging a steady increase year over year). I’ve also learned how to protect my accounts and not get nailed with community guideline violations, drive traffic, and create multiple streams of income through brand deals, sponsorships, affiliate sales, and yes… continuing to keep my pay-wall subscriptions filled with loyal and supportive humans.

I can’t promise that if you buy this course you can do the same… I won’t lie, it’s been HARD WORK and a constant learning process. BUT, I can promise you are going to get unbiased and real advice on strategy, what I’ve learned along the way, the mistakes I’ve made, and even the advice that has been shared with me that has helped me the most. I’ll share my actual analytics with you and how Instagram specifically has helped achieve that.

Now, another disclaimer… Instagram is NOT my only social media platform, but it is the one that helps me gain 90% of my conversions from followers to subscribers. It also is not my biggest platform. TikTok remains my largest social account with nearly 500k followers as of September 2023 – But my conversions from followers to subscribers come primarily from Instagram and X(Twitter).

Meta in general (the overlord of all things Facebook, Instagram, and now Threads), isn’t the most kind when it comes to erotic content… but, it continues to be a vital part of the conversion engine that powers erotic brands. This is why I’m starting this series of courses here: If you can get a solid handle on your Instagram, you can get a solid handle on all the other platforms and create a sustainable business model in the field of erotic content creation – regardless of the type you make: from podcasts, erotica, modeling, photography, cosplay, animations, illustrations, paintings, art, educating, app development… whatever it is, if sexuality is a part of it, then its considered erotic content and I’m here to help.

– Dr. Tiffany “K.”, Ed.D., Sexologist & Content Creator

Topics to be Discussed:

  • Understanding the state of social media for Erotic Creators today
  • Identifying your niche and developing a unique voice
  • How to avoid getting bans while staying true to your erotic self
  • Complete the 30 day challenge for growing your Instagram into a sustainable marking tool and creative outlet
  • How to grow and nurture your community of loyal followers
  • Converting followers into paying supporters of your work
  • Learn the tools and apps that will help make your content stand out from the crowd
  • Learn how to develop the skills needed to be seen as a professional influencer in your niche
  • Identify your financial goals and all the avenues that can get you there outside of pay-wall content by leveraging your social media presence
  • How the Instagram algorithm has changed over time and how to use it to your advantage today


  • There are no CEUs for this course.
  • This webinar (and all other past and future courses/webinars/digital content) is free to all those at the Supporting Level and above on my Patreon!

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