OMG! Lives, Treasure Boxes, & Art!

After several months of consideration and churning things over, I’ve decided it’s time to revamp my tiers here on Patreon a bit. The two tiers that are currently here will not change much, outside of merch being moved to one tier higher due to the cost of production and the cut that Patreon itself takes, and a new perk being added to the Scholar Tier: Monthly LIVE Office Hours with me via zoom!

The biggest change will come with FIVE new tiers that are customized based on what followers and fans have asked for in the past, while providing additional perks and support that I’ve been wanting to do for so long! These are going live this weekend, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming and ask any questions you might have.

$3 Thank you, Tier

Support comes in many forms and every little bit helps in a big way! Thank you so much for helping to support my passions!  This tier unlocks:

  • Early Podcast Access
  • Archive of all past podcast episodes and podcast videos not posted anywhere else
  • Patron-only voting power on Polls
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Live event schedules
  • Sneak peeks of current projects from photography, art, to writing and courses
  • My undying gratitude and love for your support!
  • Automatic entry into quarterly giveaways!

$5 Scholar Tier

Everything from the “Thank you!” tier, plus so much more!  Here, you will see my creativity at work, as well as a much more intimate side to my erotic mind. I post photography, art projects, sex & kink-positive writings, and much more! My goal is to promote radical self-love through the exploration of the spirit, mind, and body.

What’s included:

  • Everything from the previous tier PLUS:
  • Monthly Live Office Hours session hosted via Zoom
  • Sex-Positive Art from paintings, sketch work, erotic crafts, and digital art (NSFW)
  • Provocative photography (cosplay, artistic, fantasy, lingerie, boudoir, etc.) (NSFW)
  • All my Behind the Scenes Content
  • Original Kink/Fetish/Taboo Erotica & Poetry (Text + Audio)
  • Recordings of all my livestreams
  • Patreon-only podcast extras NOT posted anywhere else
  • Patreon-only polls
  • Video tutorials & lessons (Self-tie Shibari, Kink & Sex Ed Content, Embodiment, & Rituals)
  • Video meditations and ASMR content
  • Toy and Book Reviews (Video + Text)
  • Digital publications, from articles to ebooks

$10: Supporting

This is some big support! I promise to do good by you! You get all the previous content PLUS:

  • LIVE Patreon-Only web events hosted via Zoom (Live Lectures, Workshops, Erotic Art Parties, Book Chats, and more!)
  • Video classes and Recorded Workshops
  • Shout Outs on the Podcast & YouTube Videos (if you opt-in)
  • This tier also comes with tangible rewards mailed to you every 3 months!
  • Merch: exclusive sticker after 3 months,  exclusive sticker after 6 months, exclusive mug after 9 months exclusive T-shirt after 12 months
  • Monthly dropbox access to High res desktop and mobile wallpapers: digital art and photography (lewds and nude art)

$20: Friend

Oh my goodness! You are amazing! At this level, you get all previous rewards plus:

  • A limited edition Polaroid with a photo not posted anywhere else every EVEN month (February, April, June, August, October, December) with a handwritten note of gratitude just for you!

$60: Collector

I am so excited you have chosen this tier because it comes with some EXTRA special! With your help, I’m able to let the creativity fly and dance across the stars!

At this tier, you get EVERYTHING from the previous tiers PLUS you will receive a special treasure box sent every EVEN month (February, April, June, August, October, December)!

What is the treasure box? It’s filled with items I have hand-picked that I want to share with you!

Your treasure box will always include:

  • One of my favorite books (This might be one of my favorite erotica novels, a sex or kink education book, or a provocative art book),
  • A luxury self-care toy from one of the companies I rep such as SheVibe, GeekySexToys, Lelo, LeWand, or BeVibe (you will have the chance to confirm the type of item you wish to receive in an upcoming box),
  • other treasures such as a special piece of art I’ve made, a mini spell or ritual kit, or strange souvenirs from a recent travel adventure,
  • A handwritten note of gratitude.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please note: Due to processing and  lead time, you must be a Patron for at least 2 months before the first shipment. I will confirm the type of self-care item you want to be included in your treasure box 6 weeks prior to the shipment date to ensure I have enough lead time to process orders. You will also receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number upon shipment. I ship within the US via priority mail. Orders to Canada will take anywhere between 7-14 days. Orders made outside the US and Canada may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

$100: Benefactor

You are incredible! I am honored you have chosen to support me in such a huge way! You unlock all the previous goodies plus:

  • 45-minute coaching call with me every odd month (January, March, May, July, September, November). Need kink or relationship coaching? Have questions about running a sex-positive business/podcast/etc. or social media? Maybe you just want to chat about art and literature?
  • Dedication to you (if you opt-in) in my next book
  • Shoutouts on YouTube videos and Podcast episodes

$150: Hero

At this tier, you are my absolute hero and I am honored you have chosen to support me in such as huge way! Your support goes toward art supplies, tools, costume design elements, and so much more! Here, you get:

  • 45-minute coaching call with me every odd month (January, March, May, July, September, November)
  • Unlimited coaching support via email
  • A surprise birthday gift!
  • The Treasure Box sent every even month (for 6 boxes per year)
  • Monthly limited edition polaroid + thank you note
  • Dedication in my next book (if you opt-in)
  • Shoutouts on my YouTube videos and Podcasts (if you opt-in)
  • Plus everything else listed above!

Wow, you are AMAZING!

Even if you are not a subscriber on Patreon, you can still follow for free and get updates whenever a public post is made! Thank you for your support!

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