Dark Witch Costume Breakdown

Dark Witch Costume Breakdown

Thank you to everyone that has asked about this costume! It’s one of my favorite designs and I love sharing ideas and tips! I recently found out the hard way that YouTube doesn’t like it when I share links to corset or lingerie sites, even though its clothing. They also don’t like my blog, so I can’t even post direct links to this site. So if you found this page, thank you for digging deep enough to find it!

To check out the TikTok video, see it here

Here are all the links to the pieces for this outfit:

For True Corset: From True Corset

The skirt: From Fashion Nova

The top is from Honey Birdette and from their Tash Formal collection form 2019. They released new items to this collection recently, but they have not re-released the top. You can find it sometimes on Poshmark. Here is an alternative on amazon.

The lace for the skirt is a simple lace swimsuit cover-up. Here is a similar one.

Boots from Aldo

Garters from Amazon

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