More Than Sex – Ep. 2: A Sexy Romp Through History

Have you ever wondered about how sexual problems were handled in Ancient Egypt? How about the concept of Masturbation in ancient times? Fun fact… some cultures were pretty cool about it! History was one of my favorite subjects, and the intersection of sex and history is fascinating, to say the least! In this episode, I will discuss some interesting facts that your average history book doesn’t talk about! Get your notebook and pen… class is in session!

In today’s episode, the topics we are going to cover are:

  • Sex Doctor’s and their roll in Marriage in Ancient Egypt
  • Masturbation in Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia
  • Same-sex unions in 16th Century France
  • The Ancients and Sex Work
  • Sex rules during the reign of Henry VIII

And much more!

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Links for this episode:

Article: Love Sex and Marriage in Ancient Egypt

Article: Roman Sex, Sexuality…

Research Article: Sexual Heresy at the Court of Henry VIII

Research Article: The Regulation of Sexuality in the Late Middle Ages: England and France

Book: Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies 1988

Additional Resources

Site: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Site: TASHRA (The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance)

Site: The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Site: Center for Positive Sexuality

Site: Sexual Health Alliance 

Site: Kinsey Institute of Indiana University

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