Dr. Tiffany “K.” Chan
Author, Researcher, Creative, & Storyteller

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”
-Franz Kafka

Why I Write

Writing, for me, is like breathing. I need it. Its artistic expression, connection, knowledge, and passion. Its written emotion. It can connect or divide, heal or harm, build or dismantle. Writing gives me life and has always allowed me to express myself during both my darkest nights and brightest days.

What I Write


❧ Holistic Wellness
❧ Sexual Health & Wellness
❧ Sexological (Psychology of Sex)
❧ Relationships & Intimacy
❧ Sexuality in History and Literature
❧ Metaphysics & Spiritual Practice
❧ Sex Tech & Toy Reviews
❧ Book Reviews – Erotica & Sexuality
❧ Travel Advice & Reviews
❧ Copywriting
❧ Business Articles for Artists & Content Creators
❧ Pleasure Activism

Creative Writing

❧ Erotic Novellas
❧ Erotic Short Stories
❧ Poetry
❧ Scripts – Meditation, ASMR, Erotic
❧ Musings
❧ Storytelling


❧ Kink
❧ Power Exchange Dynamics
❧ The Psychology of Sex
❧ Sexual Health
❧ Sex Education
❧ History of Sexuality
❧ Sex & ADHD
❧ Mythology

Academics & Experience

Relevant Details

❧ 2022 – Board Certification in Clinical Sexology – American Board of Sexology
❧ 2022 – Certified Holistic Sex Educator – Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment
❧ 2020 – Ed.D. in Leadership – City University of Seattle
❧ 2016 – Aerial Yoga Instructor Certification – Longevity Yoga
❧ 2013 – M.A. in Literature – National University
❧ 2011 – B.A. in Creative Writing – National University
❧ 2010 – Reiki Level I, II, & Master Certification
❧ 2007 – Certified Personal Trainer – NCSF
❧ 2007 – RYT200 Yoga Instructor Certification – Yoga Alliance
❧ 2006 – A.A. in Liberal Arts – Taft College

My articles have been featured in:
❧ Kinkly
❧ Washington Post
❧ American Popular Culture
❧ National Coalition of Sexual Freedom
❧ Medium
❧ International Journal of Literature and Arts
❧ International Journal of Managerial Studies and Research
❧ Synonym
❧ SeattlePI
❧ eHow

I have been quoted in:
❧ Men’s Health Magazine
❧ LiveJasmine Docuseries
❧ Think About It: Critical Skills for Academic Writing – Textbook
❧ Over 200 published academic papers

Books I’ve Written:
❧ Pirates, Sex, and the Sea (Writing as Jillian Brooks) – Published by Cobblestone Press
❧ Dark Heat – Self Published
❧ Freyja – Self Published

Additionally, I am the founder and Chief Editor of Artistic Edge Magazine

❧ The Alternative Sexuality Health and Research Alliance – Researcher
❧The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – Coalition Partner and Guest Writer
❧The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality – Member
❧ Romance Writers Association – Published Member
❧ Patreon – Erotic Creator Club Captain
❧ Planned Parenthood – Volunteer (Fundraising)

❧ 2021 – Present – Holistic Sexologist & Kink-Affirming Intimacy Consultant – Private Practice
❧ 2020 – Present – Host of The Submissive Next Door Podcast
❧ 2020 – Present – Content Creator & Influencer
❧ 2013 – 2020 – Adjunct Professor teaching Creative Writing, World Literature, British Literature, Poetry, Public Speaking, Essay Writing, and English 101/102 – Multiple Universities
❧ 2017 – 2020 – Director of Educational Technology
❧ 2012 – 2017 – Contracted Designer/Developer – Websites and Learning Management Systems – Multiple Departments of Education & Corporations
❧ 2009 – Present – Freelance Writer
❧ 2009 – Present – Jewelry Artisan
❧ 2007 – 2017 – Part-time Aerial Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer
❧ 2004 – 2010 – Part time photography assistant – MaryJ Studios

Whether you are looking for a guest writer for your publication/blog, a copywriter to help develop materials for sexual wellness or pleasure products, assistance with product launches or branding, or any other project requiring an experienced writer/editor, you are welcome to reach me directly by contacting me here or emailing me at Editor@kipani.life.

If you are a sexual wellness professional looking to collaborate on courses, workshops, or curriculum, please reach out to discuss your project!

Slut-Shame, Sex-Shame, and Kink-Shame – The Experience of Trying to Live Authentically in World of Sexual Bullies

Sex is part of who we are as humans…let’s start with that. Every human is here as a result of a sexual act happening in some way. Our society is the result of successful procreation for centuries and yet American culture is simultaneously obsessed with purity, while in the shower or behind closed doors they are engaging in self-pleasure, imagining the next-door neighbor bent over the sofa or getting flogged at a dungeon (for some of us anyway)…

Masturbating at Work: Really Working It

Masturbating at work is more common (and healthier) than you think! And going by the numbers, you probably already know how much fun it can be.
It’s no secret that the pandemic changed everyone’s lives. While many people are beginning to experience a shift from remote working conditions, some habits gained while working from home have stuck around — and masturbating at work is one of them…

The American Popular Culture Magazine: From trickster to heroic savior: Jake Sully’s journey in avatar

Can mythological theories be applied to a modern day tale? The mythographer, Joseph Campbell, through his lifetime of studying myths from around the world, came to a universal conclusion: when we crack the nutshell of any myth from any part of the world, “it will always be the one, shape-shifting yet marvelously constant story that we find.” In other words, all myths are basically the same story; only the characters and settings have changed. Whether intentional or not, all storytelling follo…

Erotic NOVELLA: Pirates, Sex and the Sea

A young woman, brimming with caged sexual desire, finds herself in the midst of a mysterious drifter. While she makes ever effort to push away the magnetism between the two of them, she is unable to control the overwhelming feelings that have taken hold when they are alone in the kitchen after the pub has closed. Will she be able to follow her head and cast this dangerous …

Erotic Short Story: Freyja

This tale depicts a woman who is part of a village on a remote island in the South of France that practices ritual pleasure as part of her culture. She evokes the goddess Freyja, the Norse goddess associated with sex, who brings forth ecstasy and passion unlike any she has ever experienced with a man she has dreamed of for several years. It’s primal, a little dark, and woven with elements of my very spirit.

Erotic Short Story: Dark Heat

A werewolf on the run, Andre finds himself trapped in an abandoned plantation home where a ghostly temptress, once an exotic dancer in the dark cirque, has a century of sexual frustration about to hit a boiling point. After watching him for weeks, what happens when a night hidden in the shadows turns into manifesting much more with this ghostly dancer?