The Back Room

I am a researcher by trade and an obsessive overachiever. It’s what makes me a dedicated service sub and student of sexology. I also love pleasure…a LOT. So when I found a pleasure Dom, you can imagine the fun we had ever since! Being an Ed.D. and an academic, I want to know everything about a product of pleasure before it goes in or on my body or my partner’s body. I also want to know if the $200 I am about to spend is going to leave me dissatisfied or needing to be scraped off the ceiling. 

Plus, who doesn’t LOVE to play and have fun while getting kinky! It isn’t uncommon to find my Dom and me half-naked on the bed watching Rick & Morty while my Dom tries to tease and edge me… having the ability to laugh and tease and play is what makes kink and toys an incredible turn on!

However, I also hate to be let down by a toy that was all the hype in the online forums, only to find out that one size truly doesn’t fit all. My close friends know I tend to be the sex guru as well as a tech junkie… the leap to sex-toy fanatic was a clear conclusion! My Dom and I research often for weeks, sometimes months before we make a big purchase. And when you buy as many sex toys, ropes, clamps, beads, floggers, paddles, electro stems, glass, gear, and lingerie as we do every month, we don’t want to waste a thing! We practice mindful eroticism so when I am trying to understand the intended pleasure a new toy or tool is trying to give me, I am fully committed to the experience. There has certainly been more than one occasion when I’ve called my BFF to say “So you know that vibrating strap I got last week? So not worth it…”  

I want to give you guys the best of the best and help you have epic full-body, mind-numbing, gushingly intense orgasms! Being able to achieve the highest point of eroticism is sacred, as one of the most enlightening and intense experiences the human body can achieve.

With all that said, here, you can access some of the best items from The Submissive Next Door’s Back Room – Dr. K’s personal curated toys, BDSM gear, and more. Each product also has a first-hand-experience review of the toy by Dr. K. These are pleasure products that make her and Big Daddy scream for the Gods and we hope that do the same for you as well! Because life is so much better when it’s pleasured!

Below you’ll find some of our highlighted items, or you can filter using the drop-down menu below πŸ™‚

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Check Out Dr. K’s Back Room:

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