Feed The Body – Feed the Soul

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Dr. K and her Dominant share their love for food, travel, and enchantingly erotic destinations. 

Here, you will find our tips and posts dedicated to igniting passion through sensual experiences that feed the body and the spirit. Food, fitness, and wanderlust combine to drive our senses and enhance our sexuality. Some of the most erotic experiences in our life have taken place while experiencing our world through sensory exploration – Join us, won’t you!


Feed the Body

Feed the body, feed the soul! Getting the right exercise, nutrients, and food can make a HUGE difference to your sex life! When we feel our best, we improve our performance, drive, and stamina! You can find all of Dr. K’s “Feed the Body” posts for the latest on health and fitness from a sexual and holistic perspective!

Articles and posts will appear here very soon! 


Dr. K and her Dominant were avid travelers prior to COVID, and loved to find kinky and clothing-optional places to explore while abroad! While we are not currently traveling, we still love to research places and events that are great fits for kinky and clothing-optional lifestyles. Check here for posts that ignite the sensuality and wanderlust in fellow kinky travelers!

Articles and posts will appear here very soon!