Coaching & Consulting

Forge the key to the life you want

“One day, I woke up different. I was done with trying to figure out whom I was, treading water, walking a line because I didn’t have the courage to create a new path for myself.

I was done with anything that didn’t bring me peace. I realized the opinions of others reflected their own world, not my own. Validation was for parking, loyalty wasn’t a word but a lifestyle. That was the day my life changed. And not because of a person or job, but because I realized that my life was too short to leave the key to my happiness in someone else’s pocket. I could forge my own.” – Dr. K


My Approach

My approach to my coaching and consulting sessions is holistic at its core. Whether I am working with a client as a Holistic Sex & Intimacy Educator, Empowerment Coach, Business Consultant, or Instructor, every aspect of a person’s life is addressed. We don’t go to work with only part of ourselves… we show up as a whole person, so the needs of the whole person must be nurtured.

Holistic Sexuality Education & Coaching

Best for those interested in exploring or expanding their knowledge and skills in sexuality,  new & veteran Kinksters, Artists, & Mental Health Professionals

The human body naturally wants to turn towards pleasure and healthy sexuality just as a plant naturally turns to face the sun. Tapping into our sexuality by learning to let go of culturally-induced sex, body, kink, and lifestyle shame, trauma, and negative self-talk are crucial steps to embracing ourselves and living more pleasurable, fulfilling lives.

Much of my work is focused on the mind-body-spirit connection. We must be in tune with every aspect of ourselves so we can safely allow ourselves to feel present, whole, and express the multitude of emotions flowing through us. This is what leads to an expansion of the ability to experience pleasure and confidence in our being and relationships.

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Empowerment Coaching

Best for those interested in creating a system of accountability, goal setting,  & empowering the mind, body, spirit connection. I work with my clients to reverse engineer the life they want and begin building a path that is clear, realistic, and empowering.  When I am able to bring goals into focus that may have seemed utterly out of reach, I experience a personal high that ignites my own passion to grow and improve. And I have. seen this same experience shared with thousands of students, clients, and colleagues over the years!

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Business Consulting

Best for Educators, Health & Wellness Professionals, Artists, Business Owners, Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, Etc.

Do you have a spark of an idea, but no clue how to fan the flame? Or, maybe you have a business, but need to take it to the next level? Stand back… we are about to turn that spark of passion into a full-blown explosion!

The expertise I have you won’t find from your traditional consultant or business coach. Outside of building my own sustainable businesses and podcasts, I’ve charted the course with countless others. Most notably, I have completed contract projects such development of full-scale digital learning systems for non-profits,  strategized and executed global product launches, completed university and corporate LMS implementations, produced and delivered training to global Fortune 500 companies with 10,000+ employees and over 100,000 daily platform users. From dream to reality, my passion is your success!

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